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Outdoor Learning

primary teacher training QTS + PGCE

Using fieldwork to observe, measure and record with different types of maps is a key part of the Geography curriculum. It is also another great reason to leave the classroom and take the learning outdoors.


QTS + PGCE SCITT teacher training

A huge thank you to all our 2023 trainees, it was an incredible year. We are delighted to share your ‘best bits showreel’ that was created for the end of year celebration party by our wonderful trainees.

PE Training

Immerse Yourself in Teaching Excellence: QTS + PGCE Training in Local Primary Partnerships

Today our trainees had an excellent training session on Key Stage 2 PE. This session focused on skill development and progression. After a very interactive session outdoors they returned to the training room and reflected on the day by considering the next step advice they would give to the children. 

Creativity Curriculum

Specialised Primary QTS + PGCE ITT Program. Your Pathway to Primary Teaching Excellence

We value the importance of a Creative Curriculum and so today our trainees developed ways in which to enhance their teaching through approaches which allow for greater creativity in the classroom. They even demonstrated how they were all creative at heart, even if they didn’t know it at first!

DT Training

QTS + PGCE SCITT primary teacher training

Our trainees loved their practical DT training, delivered by experts at Lytham Hall Park Primary School. They learned how DT is used to solve problems and enhanced their own subject knowledge ready for using it in the classroom.

Enrichment Week

one to one with BBL trainee

This week our trainees were out and about across Lancashire. These visit days allow our trainees to experience a variety of different settings, increasing their understanding of schools including SEND, EAL, EYFS and KS3.

Maths Training

group of trainees in classroom

Today our trainees enjoyed practical Geometry training at Lytham Hall Park Primary. We learned how Geometry can support a deeper understanding of number.