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BBL Trainee taking a PE Class outside

In addition to the two regular school placements we provide a unique enrichment experience that exposes trainees to diverse school settings with different characteristics, such as small rural schools, those catering to special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), Key Stage 3, faith-based, and creative schools.

The visit days provide trainees with an opportunity to broaden their understanding of the diverse range of services available in Lancashire, as well as expand their skill set and knowledge.

Carleton St Hilda’s prides itself in providing a high quality of education for all children within a warm, nurturing and supportive environment based on a strong set of Christian Values and rooted in the Christian beliefs and teachings. Through this experience, our trainees gained knowledge of how faith schools can be both different and similar to community primary schools and took part in collective worship.

The Creative Lab is a one of a kind, immersive learning experience for children at Breck Primary School. Trainees who spent time in there, were able to see first hand how a creative learning approach can benefit children of all abilities and backgrounds. They were inspired by the engaging child-centred environment and high quality teaching, all of which is rooted in this year’s exciting topic of “space.”

Deepdale Primary School hosts trainees for our Enrichment Weeks. Trainees were treated to a culturally diverse school which sits at the heart of the community. Twenty eight different languages are spoken by the children from many different nationalities and so our trainees experienced how English as an Additional Language (EAL) is taught within this setting.

Forest School is a process that offers all learners regular opportunities to develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment. Our trainees experienced a specialised learning approach that sits within and compliments the curriculum. They  learned how Thornton Primary teaches Forest School lessons so that all children develop a wide range of skills that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to do so inside the classroom.

Beanies and Freckles are the preschool (nursery) provision for two of our partner schools. Here children from 2 to 4 years of age are taught through the Early Years curriculum. Trainees saw how both the indoor and outdoor spaces are used for learning, following the journey of several children throughout the day. They began to understand how these are used, through guided and independent exploration, to enhance learning.

Red Marsh School provides high quality teaching in an environment where learners are cared for, valued and respected.  Trainees experienced how staff there enhance the teaching and learning of pupils with SEND, through inclusion and excellent practice. This gave our trainees an invaluable insight and ideas to take back and use in their own classrooms.